Trailer Bearing Repack
Valley Motor Sports Inc.
3380 Dodd Road
Eagan, MN

Service Description

Let's face it... Whether it's your boat trailer, snowmobile trailer, utility trailer or enclosed trailer tires go flat, bearings go out BUT it never happens on a nice sunny day, right next to the repair shop, when you're not in a hurry!

Bring in your trailer before the season starts and be sure this won't happen to you on one of your trips!

Our Trailer Service Includes...

- Wheel bearings will be thoroughly cleaned, inspected and repacked
* We will only replace the bearings if they show sign of wear (burning or pitting) OR if you prefer to replace them, we will upon request.
- Replace the grease seals
- Perform a brake inspection, including the coupler and backing plates/calipers
- Check tire-pressure and tire inspection

Myth... I have bearing buddies and do not need to re-pack my trailer bearings, I just add grease.

This is a very common mis-conception. Bearing buddies are great to keep the grease clean from dirt and debris and make it easy to shoot a couple shots of grease in there for the season. However they are in no way a replacement for regular servicing, and we find that more often than not people are pumping too much grease in, pushing the rear seals out. The only way to keep moisture out, inspect the bearings, replace the worn seals and keep you on the road is to perform good-old regular maintenance.