Propeller Repair (Prop Repair)
Valley Motor Sports Inc.
3380 Dodd Road
Eagan, MN

Service Description

All Props Will be Given an Estimate for Repair at the Time of Drop-Off Depending on the Amount of Damage

Aluminum 3-Blade Prop Repair Starting at $75.00
Aluminum 4-Blade Prop Repair Starting at $85.00
Stainless Steel Prop Repair Starting at $195.00
Nibral Prop Repair Starting at $225.00

Turn-Around Time in the Spring/Summer is 4 Days / Turn-Around Time in the Fall/Winter is 1 week


  • All props brought back to OEM specs using the pitch blocks and verified on our pitch and rake indicator
  • A certified welder tig welds every prop for maximum strength; no brazing rods are ever used
  • Stainless props are brought to a high polish finish using vibratory finishers for no extra charge
  • Props are ground and shaped
  • All props balanced on a static balancer or dynamic balancer
  • Aluminum props are painted either black or white
  • Brass props are brought to a matte finish but can be high polished upon request